I was born and raised in Annapolis, MD and graduated from Salisbury University with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. I hold a master’s degree in teaching and a graduate certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where I was named Student Teacher of the Year. I've had the opportunity to teach in multiple content areas across the United States and abroad. My professional experience is in computer productivity, presentations, and the performing arts.

I have a passion for education and technology, and it shows in all my work and pursuits. Throughout my many years teaching in the states and abroad, I have seen what it takes to ensure student and teacher success: building strong personal connections, and helping connect interests, backgrounds, and goals with academic pursuits. As a math, language, and arts teacher, I use technology as a vehicle in which to foster engagement, differentiate content, and bring people together, rather than isolate. I consult in sales, business, education, and the performing arts on how to compose a well-produced, results-driven, digital face.

I currently teach Math and Photojournalism in Charlotte, NC.

Interactive Portfolios

I use interactive portfolios to share content and showcase student work samples. This sample was designed to resemble my zoom curriculum during virtual learning. The portfolios provide a visual avenue for real-time collaboration, feedback, and consolidation point for other resources.

Customized Supports

Instructional supports are designed to thoroughly engage and create deep conceptual connections. This is a sample of the instructional aids designed based on their applications and needs of the users.


I rely on live and prerecorded video and audio in my courses and programs. I integrate recording hardware, software, soundboards, instruments and other apparatus with a focus on concision and engagement. This video was a "trailer" for the upcoming semester in which freshmen were attending their first year in high school as remote students in Fall 2020.

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