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I was born and raised in Annapolis, MD and graduated from Salisbury University with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. I hold a master’s degree in teaching and a graduate certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where I was named Student Teacher of the Year.

I have spent many years in various countries working with students of all ages. My experience teaching in a variety of settings, including summer art and language programs, has honed my ability to connect with students from diverse backgrounds and to adapt to different teaching environments. In addition to being a licensed teacher of mathematics, languages, and the arts, I am also a skilled technologist, a multi-instrumentalist, fluent in multiple languages, and possess a natural talent for building strong relationships. My goal as a teacher is to help students succeed by leveraging technology and by creating a supportive and engaging learning environment that fosters personal growth, relationship building, and academic success.

Creative interdisciplinary arts class

Virtual & Hybrid

Innovative, tech-savvy creative




Strong background in computer technology



Original graphic supports and e-learning resources

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