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On a farm on a hill in Tioga County, a dairy farmer named Benjamin Landon had the unique idea to plant Apple trees on his farm in the early 1900s. His home, next to the barn, was a small asbestos covered house where he raised four children with his beloved wife Gertie Randall, a former teacher.


His only son, Roy, joined him in the venture when of age. They eventually sold their cows. Ben and Roy would take the Apple harvest on a horse drawn wagon to nearby neighborhoods where they "peddled" their wares.

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Eventually, they acquired a tractor and hand held sprayer. Fourteen year old Roy helped neighbors with his tractor as the Landons were the first to have one in the neighborhood. Their market grew to wholesale vendors in Elmira when Ben bought his first truck.

There were many trips over the years to Elmira for apple deliveries to markets and wholesalers. During this time, Roy's wife, Lorene, suggested selling Apples from their home - thus starting the Pick-Your-Own business from the big White House on Rt 414w.

Landon Orchards
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When son Allyn returned to the farm in 1975, the family added the cider operation with a new invention purchased from Good Nature in Rochester, NY.The cider was an instant success. The old large trees were eventually replaced with dwarf trees for easier picking. Many customers recall climbing ladders in the old orchard.

As the years went by, generations of families continued to come to Landon Orchards for their favorite varieties with memories of past outings with their families.


2 miles west of Route 14

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