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Photojournalism at East Mecklenburg High School is a small startup course in the early stages of development. It is the first photography course offered at the school in over 20 years. Structured as a hands-on workshop, students progress through basic camera operation and techniques, to news and more comprehensive storytelling. It functions as a  social club that provides creative immersion programs for at-risk and ambitious high school students with the purpose of preparing them to pursue successful life and career paths.

Landon Orchards is a family owned apple orchard located in the Endless Mountains of north central Pennsylvania. Offering a wide variety of apples and cider, Landon Orchards is situated among dramatic landscapes and scenery throughout the four seasons.

Beluga International is a freight forwarder staffed by a team of experts in the field of international freight forwarding, customs, warehousing and distribution, packaging and crating, and shipment tracking services.

Elizabeth Landon is a private teacher of flute and ESL. She is a lead teacher at Rowan Cabarrus College and is the former principal flutist of the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra.

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